Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Calling All Teachers! Want FREE Sight Word Resources for Students and Parents?

Looking for a site that provides amazing, FREE resources to support your students' sight word fluency?  Well, I'm here to share with you a site called  Ever heard of it?  
This site encompasses a variety of tools for you to use in your classroom with your little readers and parents to use at home with their children.  According to the site, the available resources "combine the latest literacy research with decades of teaching experience to bring you the best methods of instruction to make teaching {sight words} easier, more effective, and more fun."  How can you go wrong?  

If you're in need of quick and easy, printable sight word flash cards, look no further.  You may choose from Dolch or Fry sight words, the most common Dolch nouns, as well as customizable words your kids need to practice.  Depending on your needs, the cards are available in different sizes and formats.  They're so easy to implement with individual students for independent practice or in small groups.  I printed and laminated Pre-primer through 3rd Grade Dolch Words, then placed them on rings for an easy-to-grab tool.   
My students enjoy using The Reading Speedometer  
 with the flash cards to practice their sight word fluency. 
Thanks Playdough to Plato! :)
In addition, there are a variety of games available for students to play, including Snakes and Ladders, Sight Words Parking Lot, Sight Word Bingo and more.  Each game board is customizable.  You can choose Dolch or Fry words from any and all levels to make the games differentiated for your groups.  You also have the ability to create game boards with your own selection of words to practice vocabulary from various stories.  If you are in need of support, video tutorials for each game are available for teachers.  My little ones especially love Snakes and Ladders. :) 
In my opinion, here is the best feature of this site: videos explicitly demonstrating sight word lessons and strategies.  When parents ask, "How can I help my child at home?", you can share this site with them!
Hope you find this site as useful as I do.  If you're looking for multi-sensory techniques to help your students learn sight words, click HERE.   

Thank you to EduClips and Emily Education for the clipart in my photo collages and happy Tuesday! :)


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