Monday, May 16, 2016

Using Beads in Reading RtI for Some #TLAP

Good morning! After attending the Teach Like a Pirate conference last week, I spent the weekend looking for things that can add some spark and creativity to my classroom lessons.  I learned from and laughed with Dave Burgess over the things he does to engage his students.  He commented, "Everything is better with tights!", meaning dress-up and get into character. :) One of my biggest take-aways was his mention of creating a "capture system" for creative ideas.  He said to write all of your ideas down.  Then, of course, test them ALL out!  What's the worst that could happen?
So, here I am, trying out some new ideas.  I'm seeking some suggestions for the use of these beads in the picture, so I figured I'd get some support from my blogging pals.  The beads are my *new* $1.99 thrift store purchase to add to my classroom goodies.  After having twins, our playroom at home was overly stocked with toys, including beads, but I wasn't quite in the mindset of using the toys for other purposes.  I just wanted to clear the clutter, so most of our belongings have already been donated. Bummer. However, I thankfully have a new mindset!  I came to the conclusion the beads could bring a little #TLAP or 'novelty' to my RtI reading lessons.

Some possible uses I've already brainstormed include using the beads as representation for recalled details or facts from a text, sequencing of events, proof/text evidence to support answers, and character traits of main characters. Does anyone else have other thoughts or tips for using this toy to support reading skills or growing as a reader?  Please share with me! I'd greatly appreciate it and thanks in advance!

P.S. At the end of the conference, I was given a #TLAP bracelet to serve as a reminder to bring curiosity and excitement to learning on a daily basis. Love it! :)
Happy Monday!


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