Quick PD Idea based on Serravallo's "Understanding Texts & Readers"

Here's a quick idea based on Jennifer Serravallo's new book, Understanding Texts & Readers: Responsive Comprehension Instruction with Leveled Texts. The amazing ladies over at Tiny Tips and Teeny Tales shared an Instagram post about a Text Bands PD they were going to present. I was able to take the idea and run with it, so my staff may also benefit from the book's contents. Thanks, Ladies!

The images below show a simple chart that explains the characteristics of Plot/Setting, Characters, Themes/Ideas, and Vocabulary/Figurative Language at each text band ranging from Level J to Level W. The chart shown is geared toward fictional texts. I'm optimistic the contents can better support teachers in conferring more productively with students because they will be able to see how the demands placed on the reader change as the complexity increases. I'm hoping to create a similar chart dedicated to informational texts. Coming soon!
Enjoy. :)


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