Monday, May 11, 2015

iEngage and the Power of Social Media

iEngage was a success!  Many people from surrounding districts attended D100's iEngage EdTech Conference to learn more about educational technology.  I had the opportunity to present with Michelle from BigTime Literacy on the five powers of social media.  If you're interested in viewing our presentation, click on the first image below.

Our keynote speakers were not only absolutely amazing and an inspiration, but very humorous as well.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear John Antonetti and Kevin Honeycutt speak at a conference, don't miss it! 
John Antonetti
John Antonetti shared with the attendees a task rubric for designing student work.  He mentioned the need to increase rigor to support the Common Core and how educators can better service students by getting them across "The Rigor Divide" shown on the rubric below.  He then stated, "Engagement without cognition is kids having fun but not achieving anything."  
Antonetti first displayed the SAMR Model from top to bottom, then flipped it to appear left to right as a way of comparing the rubric to the SAMR Model.  We need to get over to "The Rigor Divide" side of the rubric by modifying and redefining lessons which will prepare students for the future.  Make sense?  

In regards to Kevin Honeycutt, one of my favorite things he stated was, "I'm smart, but my network is brilliant."  This means, get connected everyone!  Share your stories and what you know with the world.  Honeycutt's statement just reinforced what Michelle and I were trying to express in our presentation.  Together we can achieve more. :) 
Kevin Honeycutt
I was unable to hear Carl Hooker present, since I was helping out with the poster sessions during his presentation, but everyone discussed how fabulous he was as well.  He had a great turnout, too!  
Thanks for the picture, Leah, via your Twitter account! :)
Hooker even wrote a post titled "iEngage: An Inspiring Event Every Educator Should Experience", if you're interested in reading it.

Happy Monday!  


  1. Sounds like a great conference! I love the quote by Kevin Honeycutt!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

    1. It was a great day filled with amazing things! Thanks, Princess. :)


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