Friday, May 8, 2015

iEngage EdTech Conference, Here I Come!

Well the time has finally arrived.  The 2-day iEngage EdTech Conference starts today.  I'm honored to have been part of the iLead Team in charge of creating, organizing and implementing this amazing event.  
iLead Team
Since last summer, we have been preparing for this one-of-a-kind  gathering to share our district's story on how teachers and students have been utilizing 1:1 technology within the classroom, as well as outside of the classroom walls.  

The iEngage will host some amazing keynote guest speakers, including John Antonetti, Carl Hooker and Kevin Honeycutt!
Administrators will be participating in panel discussions, while teachers, students and even parents will be presenting hands-on workshops and poster sessions for attendees.  Presenters will share how learning has been enhanced and revolutionized with the support of technology.
 I am thrilled to be presenting at the conference alongside my favorite Social Media buddy, Michelle from BigTime Literacy.  We will be sharing our story of how Social Media has helped transform our teaching and collaboration with others.

One of my favorite aspects of using the various Social Media outlets is the opportunity to connect with phenomenal educators all around the globe and even some just around the corner from you.  I first met Michelle in the virtual world of blogs.  One of our iCoaches sent out a list of bloggers to all staff, which is how I came to learn of Michelle's presence in my district.  A Blogging PD hosted by her was being offered back in July 2014 and the rest is history.  We are now presenting together at iEngage, as well as the Illinois Reading Council Conference in October of 2015! :)  

So, have you ever been "tagged" via Social Media?  Being tagged by virtual friends is another fun way to connect with educators.  Sometimes you get the opportunity to peek into another's life outside of the classroom.  It's nice knowing teachers have lives when they leave school for the day, even though students may not believe it.  Often times, I am still doing things related to school during my personal hours, but not always.  Of course, when I was tagged yesterday on Instagram for #widn, I was indeed doing something school related.  

{Let me interject for a moment: the first time I was tagged with the hashtag #widn, I had absolutely no idea what was happening.  I was enlightened by some more experienced IG friends that it stood for "What I'm Doing Now".   I've come along way with hashtags, but  if you still want to know more about them, check out BigTime Literacy's hashtags post.} ;)

Back to the tag!  I happened to be working on our iEngage presentation.  In response to the tag, I posted the picture below.    
Within a short amount of time, I received a response from Lauren, a.k.a. "@missk720", one of my IG colleagues I have never met, but have shared contact with via Instagram.  She is a 5th grade teacher in Illinois using 1:1 iPads with her students.  
Because of my personal learning network (PLN), I may get to meet Lauren at the conference.  She's an IG colleague that can be more than just a virtual acquaintance.  I love connecting with educators.  I look forward to seeing where all of this connecting will lead me.

Happy Friday!

UPDATE: I was able to meet Lauren (@missk720) at iEngage!



  1. awesome post! :-) So cool that Lauren is coming....hope we all get to meet tomorrow!

    1. I'm so glad I got to meet Lauren and can't wait to present with you! :)


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