Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Educational Sites for Teachers, Students and Parents

Looking for powerful lessons (ELA and Math) that provide everything you need to teach the Common Core State Standards within all grade levels?  Need access to over five thousand categories of organized, educational videos to support your Common Core lessons?  Well, I'm here to provide two priceless resources- both FREE!  I've referred to these sites numerous times over the years for lesson ideas, however, I've never had the blogging platform to give a *shout out* to others about these resources.  Now I do, so here it is. :)

Learn Zillion is a convenient, easy-to-use site.  The video below explains the benefits of using Learn Zillion in the classroom.  The Parent-Focused Guide clarifies ways parents can use Learn Zillion at home to extend their child's learning.  

Below is a tutorial on how to navigate the extensive educational resource videos available on WatchKnowLearn.  You'll be amazed!
Hope these sites help someone out there. :)


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