Friday, January 30, 2015

Five for Friday with PhotoBooth & Popplet

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs on the last Friday in January for another edition of Five for Friday!  Here's a peek into my week. :)
My 2nd grade RtI students have been working hard to improve their reading fluency in the past few weeks.  Below is a student using PhotoBooth on a MacBook Air to record and self-assess his reading.   

YouTube videos are a nice way to support students needing background knowledge.  They are especially helpful with a few of my ELL RtI students.  Below is a picture of a student learning all about the Venus Flytrap before reading "Venus: The Flytrap Who Wouldn't Eat Flies".  She also needed to determine the genre of her book.  If you'd like a closer look at the (free) genre poster, click HERE.
My 4th grade RtI groups learned about the characteristics of a Biography.  Through think-alouds and modeling, the students learned to pay attention to those features to help them read and better comprehend the genre.  They also researched additional information on the Internet to increase their understanding of the individual.

In addition, my 4th grade students used the Popplet Lite App (free version) on the iPads to record and present the information they learned while researching the particular individual in the biography.  Popplet is fun, engaging and simple for the students to use when responding to their reading.  
This past Wednesday I posted fluency ideas that incorporate technology in the classroom.  If your students have access to computers and/or iPads in your class, you can check out these *techy* ideas HERE . :)

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