Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kindergarteners Learning Their Letters with QR Codes!

The kindergarteners receiving RtI services in my school are at Level Pre-A and are supported with a variety of resources, including Jan Richardson's Pre-A lesson format, which includes 
  • Working with Letters and Names
  • Working with Sounds
  • Working with Books
  • Interactive Writing    
According to Jan Richardson, Level Pre-A students can not identify at least 40 upper-and lowercase letters in the alphabet and need to activities to improve visual memory, phonemic awareness, oral language and concepts of print.  

This is the case for more than a handful of our little ones in kindergarten.  They have been grouped according to their letter knowledge and are given additional support outside of their classroom every day.   I'm hear to say, they have been making great strides in their alphabetic knowledge!  They are becoming more and more successful at naming, making the sounds of and matching uppercase and lowercase letters.  

One of the activities they have been using to practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters incorporates the use of the iPads, equipped with the Scan App.   Below are a few pictures of the students scanning QR Codes and matching letters. :)

If you're interested, click on the pictures below to view them in my TpT store.  I have a version with QR Codes, as well as without the use of technology, depending on your needs.  :)

I want to thank the 3AM Teacher for the clip art and Kimberly Geswein for the fun fonts in the pictures above.  

Happy Tuesday!


  1. We have had several kinders having difficulty learning their letters this year too. Your activities are really cute and the kids love to scan QR codes!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Thanks for love on my blog and IG account, Lori! It's appreciated. Yes, the kiddos love scanning QR codes! :)


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