Thursday, May 21, 2015

Book Talk Thursday: Going Places

I'm linking up with the marvelous Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars for Book Talk Thursday.  Since Monday, our school has been hosting the Scholastic Book Fair.  This is the 3rd time this year the book fair has made an appearance and I LOVE IT!  I made sure to make my way down to the fair, especially since it was "Buy One, Get One Free".  My favorite kind of sale. ;) 
I purchased a few Pete the Cat books along with some others my preschool-aged kiddos at home would enjoy.  I already own many of the books on these shelves, since I'm a book addict and can't help myself when it comes to acquiring them.  Anyway, after walking up and down the aisles, I spotted it!  A new favorite called Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds.  Ever read it? 
It's such an adorable story and can be a fitting message for recent graduates out there in the world.  The message being individuality, creativity and thinking outside of the proverbial box will take you far in life. :)

Students participate in a "Going Places" contest.  They are all given the same pre-made kit.  The students' job is to create a vehicle to participate in the "Going Places" contest.  Rafael, who loved to follow directions, followed the exact steps to create a go-cart.  
 Maya, on the other hand, used the same kit, but decided to create something different, since there were no specifications that the vehicle had to be a go-cart.  After Rafael sees Maya's creation, they decide to work together with their kits to create something even better.  Read to find out where creativity can lead you!    
I happened to see a review of the book on FableVision that summed it up nicely: "Going Places, published by Simon & Schuster’s Atheneum Booksserves as a call to evolve our educational system from one that too often relies on prepackaged content and one-dimensional assessments to one that encourages critical thinking and creativity."  

Thank you to 3AM Teacher for the colorful background clip art.  Happy Reading and don't forget to link up with Andrea for Book Talk Thursday to share a book of your own! 


  1. I so need to get this book for my son! He just finished elementary school and needs to think outside the box! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing this wonderful book!

    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. It's a great one! Thanks so much for hosting the link up, Andrea. I'll be looking through my lovable books to share over the summer on Book Talk Thursdays, now that I'll have more time for blogging. :)


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