Friday, August 8, 2014

Class Dojo: An Easy-to-Use Behavior Management Tool

Have you ever heard of Class Dojo?  It's a classroom management tool that several classroom and specials teachers use at our school to monitor student behavior.  Class Dojo can help build positive student behavior and is also excellent as a parent communication tool. 

Teachers enter in each student's name, then customize the behavior focus.  You can document behaviors such as being "on task," "following directions," etc.  This can be displayed on a smart board, iPad, and even iPhones.  The students actually love seeing their progress documented throughout the day.

Below are some of the advantages of Class Dojo:

This one is especially helpful for parent communication,
 as well as for IEP and RTI meetings!!

If you'd like more information on how to use Class Dojo, as well as navigate the program, check out Teaching Trio's Tech Tip Thursday for more information. 

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