Saturday, July 26, 2014

My *Let Loose* Categories of Music: Blogging Challenge Day 26

My favorites!
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Day 26: What kinds of music do you enjoy most?

I enjoy various genres of music, but the majority of the CDs I prefer are ones that bring me back to my college days.  A few of my favorites are below. :)

However, nowadays, the CDs I  listen to most often are "3-year-old" related.  I know the words to most of the songs on the CDs beneath, since I listen to them daily while riding in the minivan. ;)

Do you recall any of these CDs? 

Happy listening! 


  1. I love your choices, so many memories. Also, kind of funny, my daughter is 19 but I remember listening to those Disney CD's over and over. Oh ant this one Pongo and Perdita sing-a-long...

    Camp Kindergarten

    1. Ha! I've never heard of Pongo and Perdita sing-a-long. I may have to check it out for some added variety! ;)

  2. ha- I definitely had Crash by DMB. Satellite was the theme of one of my Homecoming dances. Memories :) My life is full of Disney music now too... and Frozen is a constant in our house.

  3. I Love Ray LaMonTonge! (hope I spelled that right!) and Counting Crows!

    1. Ray is a favorite! ;) P.S. See what I mean by the link below??

      <a href="“>Literacy Loving Gals</a>

  4. Thanks for posting about your favorite music! I recently discovered Laurie Berkner songs for preschoolers! Here's my favorite:


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