Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Travels Via the StoryCreator App: Blogging Challenge Day 13


I've decided to share my family's camping trip adventure with the support of StoryCreator.  Click HERE to learn more about this simple to use App that can be applied when writing a story.  It can easily be incorporated into the classroom with students, as long as you have access to at least one iPad.

Day 13: Travels: Past, Present or Future.

Thanks for hosting, Michelle!

We made it back safely from our very first camping trip with the kids!  We had a blast.  Rock Cut State Park in Rockford, Illinois was just what we needed... a campsite that was close to home with access to a beach nearby.   Below is the story I created with the StoryCreator App.  

We listened to this CD about 4 times, especially track number 5- "Let It Go!"

Using my book ABC Yoga for Kids.  Take a peek HERE for more info.

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  1. What a fun trip! Camping is just the thing sometimes! You can get away and really disconnect if you want! Our phones might still work - but do you want them to when you are under the stars! Glad you all had fun!

  2. Thanks and Agreed! It was so nice to be someplace other than home for a bit. The kids really enjoyed the outdoors, as did I. ;)


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