Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Teaching Idols: Blogging Challenge Day 10

I'm baaaa-aack! Thanks, Michelle!

Day 10: Who are your teaching idols?

There are so many educators out in the world who are magnificent, but one of the teachers I remember most is Bonnie Burns.  She is a teacher who inspires hope, ignites imaginations and instills a love of learning, especially in the area of literacy (hence the  quote above)

She is just so passionate about literacy.  I really respect her hard work and dedication to be so successful in her field.  I didn't actually meet her until graduate school.  She was one of my professors at St. Xavier University when I first went back for a Master's Degree in Teaching and Leadership.  She taught the literacy courses for the program.  Her published books were what we used to learn the material in her course.   

Many years later, I went back to school for a Reading Specialist Degree at Dominican University.  Little did I know when I entered the program that I'd see Bonnie again.  I bumped into her in the hallways at Dominican.  She remembered my name immediately and gave me a big hug!!  See?  That's the kind of teacher/person she is.  One who really takes the time to get to know every one of her students and makes them feel important. 

Bonnie is now the director of the Reading Specialist Program at Dominican University.  She's working with undergraduate and graduate students who are studying to become Reading Specialists.  She even presents professional development and workshops nationally!  Her knowledge comes from her experience as a classroom teacher, Reading Specialist, Principal and now director.

Bonnie still has a lot of knowledge to share, but the way she shared it with us was most memorable to me.  

Thank you, Bonnie Burns! :)


  1. Cool, no wonder that was the text we used in my Reading Methods class for my Master's at Dominican :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

    1. Ha, no wonder, right?! ;)

      Hey, on a side note, how did you get your blog name at the bottom of your comments? I've been trying to do that for us! :-D

  2. She sounds awesome! Isn't it strange how life continues to bring us back to people who inspire us?
    Kindergarten Kraziness

    1. ;) You said it. Fortunately, I guess everything happens for a reason. Thanks, Rachel!

  3. That has got to be the best feeling. I love hearing from students and that is always the fear - will I remember them all! ;)


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