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If Money Were No Object: Blogging Challenge Day 20

Bigtime Literacy's Challenge

Day 20: If money were no object, what experience would you give your students?

I'd love to take my students to the ocean floor to view the Titanic as a culminating field trip of our research!  
Photograph from Discovery

Photograph by Altered Dimensions

Photograph found on Pinterest Titanic Board

Photograph from Article.WN.Com

I knew about the vast ship, but the movie really pulled on my heart-strings, as well as piqued my fascination with the vessel.  It was amazing to see live footage of the wreckage and learn about its demise on the unfortunate day of April 15, 1912.  
James Cameron's portrayal of human loss in the film supplied us with some amazing insight into that day.   

The Internet has an abundance of information, photographs (pre and post wreckage), recalling of the events by survivors, and so on, to support students' research of the Titanic.  They could go to Larry Ferlazzo's educational blog as well as sites, such as BrainPop, Science Kids, & National Geographic to support their research.  In addition, I'd find leveled children's books, articles and magazines spotlighting the Titanic for guided reading.  There are a few leveled options down below, but click HERE for additional books. 

Level O, Click HERE.

Level Q, Click HERE.

Level M, Click HERE.

Level Y, Click HERE.

Level N, Click HERE.

Once our research was complete, we would jump aboard Argo, the high-tech sub that located the Titanic.  Then, we'd head down to the Marina Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, to view the vessel.  Oh! I'd need a few chaperones for the trip.  Anyone for the taking


  1. I want to volunteer to be a chaperone! It sounds fascinating! I love it when historic events can engage us and we are allowed to be caught up in the wonder of the facts and truths!

  2. Replies
    1. Done deal! If it ever happens, I'll be calling you! ;)

  3. I never thought of doing this trip, but it would be awesome! I'm in! :-)

    1. If it does ever happen, you're on the call list! ;)

  4. Me! This would be an awesome experience!

  5. I volunteer to chaperone this trip!! I've always been fascinated by Titanic as well. I may or may not watch the movie every time I see it on TV!

  6. What and experience! That would be great!

  7. I have a feeling a *few* parents/teachers/friends would be happy to help chaperone! What a neat idea!

  8. I'm glad everyone would want to join us! I think we'd have a blast. ;)


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