Monday, July 21, 2014

How do you prefer to read? Blogging Challenge Day 21

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Day 21: How do you prefer to read?  Books? Kindle? iPad?

I must start by saying, although I love reading everyone's blogs online and know that a Kindle and an iPad can hold way more books at the same time than my two hands, I prefer books all the way!  Something about the feel of the book and the smell of the pages that brings me back to my childhood and my love of reading.  Yes, eBooks save trees (sorry trees!!) and space on my book shelves, but when I'm relaxing on a beach or at the lake house, I enjoy physically turning the pages, not hitting an arrow.  

I'm also a huge fan of visiting the library to check out books and magazines.  My family and I visit this library often, especially during the summer months. 

 Picture from Panoramino.

Bringing my children with me to the library is something I enjoy and time well spent.  I love seeing their eyes widen with delight when they find  a storybook they'd like to place in their library bag.  Because our visits to the library are considered a fun "event", we decided to make our own library bags with paint and cookie cutters!

Anyone else out there prefer books to electronics for reading?

Happy reading no matter how you do it. :) 


  1. I completely prefer books. Especially if I am reading non-fiction or something to improve my life. I want to take notes and highlight and dogear.

  2. Totally prefer the 'real' thing. And we LOVE the library too!

  3. I love the smell of books! Your library bags are too cute!

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