Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hmmm, What Do I Want to Accomplish Someday? Blogging Challenge Day 30

Only one day left of BigTime Literacy's Blogging Challenge hosted by Michelle!  30 days have flown by so fast!!  Check out Michelle's post today on "letters from the Teacher's Desk".  She discusses an opportunity to link up with BigTime Literacy for more fun in the future!

Day 30: Create a "Someday" list: what do you want to get to someday? (Personal or Professional)

I know this is just the starting point of my "Someday" list.  The list contains not necessarily what I want to get as the prompt states, but what I consider professional and personal goals.   I feel some of my goals can be checked off sooner, rather than later, which is a great feeling.  The best part about a "Someday" list is once a goal from the list is accomplished, it allows room for new challenges, hopes and dreams to be added!  However,  I must be honest and say some of the goals are outside of my comfort zone and may take a little encouragement from my inner voice to just take a leap of faith.  As the quote states above: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."   So, here I go... 

I added this quote because the first few
things on my "Someday" list need support
and possible funding from my administration 
to accomplish.

I would like to:
  • Become trained in Reading Recovery (I'd LOVE to learn all I can about the techniques used in the Reading Recovery format!)
  • Attend the Illinois Reading Conference annually (I love getting professionally developed so I can pay it forward to others!)
  • Co-organize and plan for professional development sessions with my new reading team to present within, as well as outside of my school district
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I feel the urge to:
  • Open a Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) store (I think the creativity posted in TpT is amazing!)
  • Create tons of valuable products for my TpT store that can be used by teachers worldwide (I've already started!) 
  • Read additional books targeted at improving my knowledge as a Reading Specialist- Any recommendations?
  • Connect with more Reading Specialist and Literacy Coaches through blogging, Social Media and Professional Development opportunities 

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I have a desire to: 
  • Read additional books that have nothing to do with my job (For example: Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic to the Stars hits shelves in the Fall of 2014.  It's frivolous reading, but I adore it.)
  • Partake in more date nights with my husband 
  • Be blessed with carefree days spent with my friends and family more often (I am fortunate and grateful for the many I've already had, though!)

So, there you have it...a few things on my "Someday" list that I'd like to start accomplishing today.

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  1. What a great list! I certainly hope you get to those reading conferences!

  2. Thanks, Alyce. I certainly hope I can get to the reading conferences, too. Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to attend the IRC. Maybe this will be my year! ;)

  3. I never feel the urge to open a TpT store! lol. I am perfectly content to be a consumer! I would love to be trained in Reading Recovery as well. I hope you reach your goals, especially the not-so-grand ones, like reading additional books that have nothing to do with being a Reading Specialist. But thanks for being a reading specialist and making better readers! Reading is key to a successful school journey!

    1. You make me smile. Thanks for the kind words, Carrie! ;)

  4. I love your list. I also feel the urge to do TPT but it is so hard. Date nights would be great too. IRC is awesome and I would definitely like to go back.

    1. I'm going to take my chances with the TPT store either way, so I can conquer my apprehension about opening one! Lol. ;) Thanks, Alison.

  5. "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Love it! BTW, I just posted pictures of the Arboretum. I took them on the same day that I read that you were married there. Your comment to my blog came while I was in the parking lot, and when I went to publish the comment it deleted it on accident. At the Arboretum, of all places. I felt so bad! I guess my finger is too big to approve comments on my cell. I also had no idea what bloglovin' was until I read that you follow me! So thanks!


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