Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Favorite Movies and TV Shows: Blogging Challenge Day 16

Day 16: Favorite movies and/or TV shows.

My favorites are oldies but goodies, meaning you can only view them via re-runs.  One of my all-time favorite shows when I was a kid was Three's Company.  I always thought the misunderstandings between the characters were so silly.  Looking back at the episodes now, I think "Duh!?", but still love 'em!

Another favorite was (and still is) Friends.  Since the show originally came out just after my college years, I felt I could relate to some of their predicaments, since they were "my age".  Anytime it's on, I'll watch it. :)

My favorite, favorite, favorite TV show is Seinfeld.  Still to this day when the re-runs appear on TV, I giggle.  The dynamic of the characters is priceless.

My all-time favorite movies are once again, "oldies".  I enjoy the 1980's cult classics Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Lost Boys (something about Jason Patric back in 1987), as well as a 1970's cult classic, Jaws.  

When the movie Jaws came out I was only 2 years old.  However, when we'd visit the beach house in Delaware each year, the movie would play at the cheap theater.  Probably around the age of 7 or 8, my father and uncle decided to take all the kids to see Jaws.  Mind you, we were vacationing on a beach...with an ocean...and sharks, somewhere in those waters.  That movie scared the bah-jee-bees out of me!!!  I didn't go in the ocean, nor any lake, for years.  I even had to double check before jumping into a pool when I was a kid (Yes, I know, sharks can't live in pools, but Bull Sharks have been known to get into a lake!).  Anyway, I look back and, no, it's not so scary anymore, but when you're a kid, loads of things are scary.  Regardless, it became one of my favorites. 

Have a nice day!


  1. Love your shows! I remember watching The Lost Boys for the first time when I was in college (the first time!). Did you know that there is going to be Friends reunion show coming out at Thanksgiving? We can't wait!!

  2. Oh, yay! I did not know about the Friends reunion show. Woohoo! Thanks for informing me. ;) Have a great day, Carrie!

  3. You definitely picked some of my favorite shows! Three's Company makes me laugh so much. Here's to summer vacation and time to watch a couple of favorites! Have a great day!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  4. Thanks, Alyce. I enjoyed Mr. Farley more than the Ropers. :-D
    Have a wonderful day! ;)

  5. I love the shows and the movies! And a Friends reunion?!?! I am blown away!


    Camp Kindergarten

  6. Ha, I'm blown away about the reunion, too! Can't wait. ;)

  7. Haha! When I was little we always went to the Delaware or Virginia beach! After the movie Jaws, I was never the same! My brothers used to sneak up behind me and grab my leg, or they would tell me they saw a fin! Gotta love older brothers!!!

  8. I love Delaware, especially Bethany and Rehoboth Beaches! ;)


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