Monday, July 14, 2014

Tech Tip: How to Turn Off Word Verification on Comments in Your Posts

Hello bloggers~

I received an email asking, "How come your Comments section on your posts don't require the Word Verifications?"  Because of this email, I'm going to share how to remove, what some say, is the annoying "Word Verification" step that appears before bloggers are able to post comments. Maybe there are others out in the blogging community wondering the same thing, too.  Thankfully, Michelle, over at Bigtime Literacy shared her knowledge with us at the Blogging PD.  I'm going to pay it forward! ;) 

An example of what Word Verification looks like.

The first step is to go into your Dashboard and look on the left hand column for Settings.  Go down to Settings and click. 

Once you've clicked on Settings, you should see a section titled Posts and Comments.  Click there. 

You'll then see a page that looks like this.  Look for "Show word verification".  Your options are to click Yes or No.  Click "No" if you'd like to turn it off for people trying to comment on your blog. :) 

If you're curious, I used the SKITCH App to circle the areas I wanted to point out to you.  Click HERE for additional information regarding SKITCH from a previous post.

Hope this helps. :)


  1. Thank you for writing a tutorial! Those word verifications are so annoying, especially when you're on your phone trying to comment! Also - Thanks for mentioning skitch again! Going to check it out now! :-)

  2. Well, thank YOU for showing me how to do it in the first place! Yes, SKITCH is a fun App to use for various purposes! ;)


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