Fodey- The Newspaper Clipping Generator for Classroom Use

Closely read the newspaper clipping above! :)

Has anyone ever heard of Fodey?  I learned of it from a blog called "TechKnowledgeyTip".  Take a peek HERE for more information.  

It can be useful for various purposes in the classroom.  For example, students can create a newspaper clipping as their "Exit Slip" (a reflective reading strategy) for an activity or to summarize a portion of a text/chapter, write about their favorite book/scene in a book, create arguments for/against an issue, state fact/opinions about a topic, compare/contrast characters, and so on!  In addition, there are options for animated text (talking animals, a clapper board and even a text-writing ninja) to express the ideas and words written by the students.  

Students also have the opportunity to create the name of the newspaper, the title of the article clipping, as well as place the current date.  However, if students are writing about a historical event, for example, they may date the newspaper clipping when the historical event took place.  Below is an example of a newspaper clipping written by one of my 2nd grade students about the book Miss Nelson is Missing by James Marshall.  He titled his newspaper Nelson News and the article Miss Nelson is Missing! :)

Think you could find use for Fodey in your classroom?  If you have any thoughts or comments, I'd love to hear them! :)


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